There is an appearance of multiplicity. But behind the appearance are clues pointing to oneness. . .

Monday, April 28, 2008

You are not a seeker. . .

See what you actually are, not what you think you are. You are not a seeker, a person, an unadvanced soul or any other concept proposed by mind. You are nothing short of the non-dual reality here and now. The answer is not in the mind and cannot be approached by any definition, concept or thought. Before the next thought appears, you are. Your being and its aware nature are fully evident. Your identity as that is clear now, if you take a few moments to verify this. - John Wheeler

Purple and White

Spring Creek Colors

Tremont Rapids

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Letting go of dualities

See the perfection. . .

Spring Storm Skies

Spring Flowers, Light and Clouds

Wisteria Hysteria

Glorious Redbud

Spring Lake Sunset

The third thing

Not effort or
the absence of effort,
neither choice nor
the impossibility of choice,
neither self nor not self,
neither nothing nor something,
neither emptiness nor form,
neither unborn nor born,
the third thing... - John Astin

The great ego. . .

The great ego turns out to be a lifeless jack-in-the-box. Even more, when you look inside, “Jack” is missing! When you look into the mind, all you find are a few thoughts, feelings and perceptions. You do not find a defective, limited person — only the space of pure knowing and being, or the non-conceptual, ever-fresh presence of awareness itself. Now you know you are THAT. That is the main point. All the suffering and seeking was only believing in a thought about someone who never existed. - John Wheeler


Black and Pastels

Layers of Colors