There is an appearance of multiplicity. But behind the appearance are clues pointing to oneness. . .

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Porter's Creek

Little River Dogwoods

Tremont Spring Colors

You do not create the next thought. . .

If you look closely at thoughts moment by moment, you will see that the thoughts are not generated by a conceptual "I" at all. "You" actually do not create the next thought. It appears and the mind steps in and erroneously interprets that the thought was generated by the phantom character called "I". There is no such entity present. John Wheeler

Strange Tree

The ego is a concept. . .

The ego is a concept, an assumption. It is merely an idea. What is that idea? It is the notion that you stand apart from the deeper reality of things as an independent and autonomous self, a limited being. As you look into this matter, you find that this assumption proves to be entirely false. So the ego simply evaporates due to discovering its non-existence. There is no “ego death” needed or possible, because there is no ego present to die. - John Wheeler

Porter's Creek in Spring

Little River Spring